Alpha Clionian (Phi Kappa Pi) Sorority Scholarship Endowment

The Alpha Clionian [(Phi Kappa Pi)] Sorority Scholarship Endowment was established by alumni and friends to support sisters of the sorority.
CRITERIA: This scholarship is awarded to a student who a) is an active member of the Alpha Clionian [(Phi Kappa Pi)] Sorority, b) good standing with the sorority and SUNY Geneseo, c) has paid sorority dues and has no outstanding fines or obligations, d) is above 90% of in total possible points for the semester, e) has a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, and f) preferably demonstrate financial need.
SELECTED BY: Enrollment Management with input from the Associate Dean for Fraternal Life & Off-Campus Services

$500 - $1,000