Carol Kramer 1976 Scholarship Endowment

The Carol Kramer 1976 Scholarship Endowment provides a $1,000 scholarship and was established by Jack 1976 and Carol 1976 Kramer.
CRITERIA: This scholarship is awarded to a student who a) is entering, b) is first-year, c) is in good academic standing, d) is preferably planning to pursue a major in Psychology, e) has demonstrated leadership, f) has demonstrated service to community, and g) has financial need may also be taken into consideration.
PROCESS: This scholarship is renewable from year to year (for a maximum duration of four years), provided the recipient remains in good standing. If the recipient changes his or her major during their time at SUNY Geneseo, it is the intent of the donor that the student will continue to receive the scholarship.
SELECTED BY: Enrollment Management with input from Psychology