Aspiring to Excellence Scholarship Endowment

The Aspiring to Excellence Scholarship Endowment fund in honor of Edwin Yuen 1999 and Cindy Guan 1999 provides scholarships for one student in TOP and one student in EOP at SUNY Geneseo.
CRITERIA: This scholarship is awarded to student(s) who a) maintain full-time enrollment at the College, b) have a minimum grade point average of 2.75, maintained through the first two semesters, c) preferably demonstrate service to college or community by way of work study, temporary service, tutoring, or alternative volunteer work, d) with priority given to those demonstrating participation or achievement distinguishing them in his or her area of study, and e) preferably from the Accounting or Political Science disciplines.
PROCESS: A scholarship committee for the AOP Department will administer the selection process. The scholarship is renewable for a second year if the student has maintained a minimum of a 2.75 grade point average and full-time student status.
SELECTED BY: Enrollment Management with input from the Department of Access Opportunity Program

$500 - $1,000